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About Avianca

Avianca is a large South American airlines operating flights throughout South America as well as inter-continental connections. Other airlines such as TACA and Avianca El Salvador are now a part of Avianca and operate under the Avianca name.

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Avianca Pet Policy 2017

If you want to fly with your pet on your next trip, you can use the in-cabin pets service, where the pet is counted as carry-on baggage on all flights.

Pets will be accepted as carry-on baggage as long as there is enough space under the seat in front of the passenger to fit the pet.
Pet transport applies to both domestic and international flights.
Dogs and cats are accepted on all routes, including flights within Peru. On domestic flights in Colombia dogs, cats and small birds are accepted.
It is recommended that the service is requested when making the booking and up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. There is a limit to the number of pets accepted by the aircraft.
The customer must provide the pet carrier to transport the pet. If you do not have one you can buy one from the airline (subject to availability).
Only one pet case is allowed per passenger.
The pet must comply with the all the health regulations that the law requires and have the corresponding certifications for the country of transit or final destination.

For travel within Colombia: dogs and cats only require a vaccination card.
For travel to international destinations from Colombia each country has their own regulations that must be complied with. In this case the Health Inspection Certificate issued by the agricultural authority of the country of origin must be presented. To issue this certificate an animal health certificate issued by a veterinarian (original and copy) which must include the breed, sex and age of the animal together with a photocopy of the valid vaccination passport according to age and species are required.

You must also present the pet for thorough inspection. The validity of the Certificate of Health Inspection depends on the authority of each country; in the case of ICA in Colombia it is valid for 24 hours.

The airline will accept pets in the cabin, as long as they comply with the following characteristics:
The weight of the pet, including the pet carrier, should not exceed 17.6 pounds (8 kg).
The maximum external dimensions of the pet case/carrier are: 90 cm / 35 total linear inches (Length + Width + Height), length 16 inches + width 11 inches + height 8 inches, length 40.6 cm + width 27.9 cm + height 20.3 cm. The animal must have sufficient space to be able to stand up and turn around.

Cost of the service:
On flights to and from the United States and Canada, a charge of USD 125 is payable. ( + Applicable taxes).
For other international flights, a charge of USD 100 is payable. ( + Applicable taxes).
On flights in Peru, a USD 100 charge is payable. ( + Applicable taxes).
On flights in Colombia, a COP 25,000 charge is payable. ( + Applicable taxes).
Price of pet cases: USD 35. ( + Applicable taxes).

Transport of pets in the cabin only applies to connecting flights with Taca, Lasca or Avianca. It does not apply to other airlines.
The pet must remain inside the case during all the phases of the flight.
The service is not provided on transoceanic routes.
Dogs and cats under (8) weeks old will not be accepted for transport.

We strongly suggest you implement the following measures:
The pet case should be a size larger than the regular size.
The pet case should have ventilation on all four sides.
In the days prior to your flight put your animal in the case so it becomes familiarized with it.

Pets transported in the hold are considered as part of the free baggage allowance.

Service cost
For flights within Colombia this service is free.
For other flights the cost varies depending on the pet's weight and destination (taxes apply according to the country):

When you combine two connection points, the higher rate applies. Example: Santiago-Bogota-Santiago-Mexico for a pet of 20 kg a USD 80 service fee applies.

Service Restrictions
For flights within Colombia

We only accept dogs, cats and birds *.
Pet carriers will only be loaned with a prior reservation.

For flights in the rest of the world
Only dogs and cats are accepted. with the exception of:

On the Bogota - San Jose C.R. - Bogota route pets cannot be transported in the hold.
Bringing pets and foodstuffs to the islands of Aruba and Curacao it is strictly forbidden by these countries, this restriction does not apply to fighting cocks.

On all flights
Dogs and cats must be at least eight weeks old, as due to their size they are prone to dehydration during the journey.
On A318 aircraft pets can only be transported in the hold on flights within Colombia.
We only transport pets as checked baggage when the combined weight of the animal and pet carrier does not exceed 100 lbs (45 kg). The only exception to this rule is on flights operated by A318 aircraft where the maximum weight is 44.4 lbs (20 kg).
With the aim of improving security and comfort levels for pets, dogs that measure in excess of 35 centimeters at the withers (shoulders) must travel with their respective muzzle (and in their pet carrier) at all times during the journey. It is recommended you "weave" the muzzle with the collar, to avoid the dog taking it off, getting out of the pet carrier and hurting itself.
If the pet is over 35 cm at the withers (shoulders) it must travel in a metal pet carrier approved for air transport (a muzzle is not required).
Only one pet is allowed per carrier.
The pet carrier must be sufficiently large to allow the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural position.

Passenger Commitments
Request the service as far in advance of your flight as possible to ensure the maximum pet limit per flight is not exceeded.
If you are flying with another airline you must make sure you confirm the service with them.
Comply with the pet travel permissions of the country of origin and / or destination.

Pet carriers for transporting pets in the hold
At Avianca we can loan you carriers to transport pets in the hold as checked baggage. This is only available for flights within Colombia. The allowed dimensions are:

Muzzles available for sale
Muzzles are available for sale at airports in sizes: 6, 7 and 8. The cost in Colombian airports is COP 17,000 and at International airports USD 19 (including taxes).

*Live exotic birds or endangered species are not accepted for transport as baggage in the cabin or hold.

You must present documentation from a mental health professional justifying your need to travel with an emotional support animal. The date of issue of this document must be less than a year before the flight departure date.

Note: Due to security restrictions, if you are traveling with a support animal you cannot sit in an emergency exit row.

At the airport we invite you to:
Arrive 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure. Listen to all the flight announcements made by the Company to avoid any issues.
Have all the legal and immigration documents at hand so they can be presented on request*, including, where necessary, the medical certificate.
Inform the condition of the wheelchair or any permitted support equipment/device you want to transport in the aircraft hold.

*At the check-in counter, security and other controls, boarding gate, in-flight.

Guide or support dogs
Passengers don't have to pay an additional charge for the transport, or weight, of their guide dog as they are counted as part of their baggage allowance. There is no limit to the number of guide or support dogs allowed in the cabin.

Animals that are specially trained to accompany persons with disabilities are allowed without a case in the cabin, as long as their master is in full control of them at all times.

These animals do not count as live animal transport. It is understood that these animals are trained to carry out their physiological needs at determined times and places.

Search and rescue dogs can travel when identified by breastplate, microchip and certificate. They can travel in the cabin at the feet of their guide if they have been properly identified and are wearing their uniform. The dog must also wear a collar and a double leash. These animals are not classified as 'live animal transport'. It is understood that these animals are trained to carry out their physiological needs at determined times and places.

Important note
It is important to take special precautions with the following brachiocephalic breeds (also known as short-faced or snub-nosed dogs), because they are susceptible to an increased risk of suffocation and breathing problems when exposed to stress or heat:

To transport the above breeds, please note:

According to Article 108-E of Chapter XIII of Law 746 of July 19, 2002 dangerous dogs act, "the following breeds or cross breeds are not allowed into Colombian territory: Staffordshire Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier."

Note: If the dog is born in Colombia, it can leave the country as long as the owner processes the corresponding reentry permit on leaving Colombia.

At Avianca pet transport is regulated by the NPV Technical Circular NPV 02-005 of July 12, 2002, NPV 05-020 of April 11, 2005 and NPV 06-018 of March 24, 2006, issued by the División de Normas y Procedimientos de Vuelo (Flight Standards and Procedures Division).

If you are flying within Colombia with dogs and cats, you only need to show your the pet vaccination card.

To transport birds the Guía de Movilización Interna (Internal Transportation Guide) issued by the ICA at its offices in Colombian airports is required.

When flying to international destinations you must comply with the specific requirements of each country. You must attach the Health Inspection Certificate issued by the origin country's agricultural authority that can only be issued with an animal health certificate issued by a veterinarian (original and copy) where the breed, sex and age of the animal is registered, together with a photocopy of the vaccination card according to the animal's age and breed.

You must present your pet for proper inspection.

The Certificado de Inspección Sanitaria (Health Inspection Certificate) varies according to country. The Colombian ICA is valid for 24 hours.

All pets (dogs and cats) over 4 months who wish to enter Porlamar (Margarita Island), must present a rabies vaccination certificate issued by a veterinarian that is valid for one year.

If you are flying to Panama with a pet, you must present the transportation certificate issued by the health authority in the place of origin, authenticated by the Consul of Panama in the country of origin. The Agricultural Quarantine Department of Panama, in charge of controlling the entry of pets to the country, is open at Tocumen airport from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays or pubic holidays it can accept pets, however, passengers will have to pay USD 100 for a veterinarian from the Quarantine Department to come to the airport. If for whatever reason, the passenger cannot pay the USD 100, they must leave the pet at the Quarantine Department until the veterinarian returns on Monday to carry out the procedure to allow the pet entry to Panama.

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